Friday, December 17, 2010

ConDem Politics - Less Jobs = More Jobs

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I must admit that I am still struggling to understand the how of Cleggeron's new employment policy direction, that is, that jobs shed in the public sector will be taken up by gains in the private sector.

It seems to me as an employer in the private sector that the spending cuts end ensuing job losses will affect my part of the private sector very badly.

We are caterers at a golf club who depend largely on visitors to provide our turnover and profit.  We have many visiting groups who are golf societies from the Police, FSA, Highways and other publicly funded bodies, as well as social club and pub societies whose members number a fair percentage of council employees.

In the near future then there will be less police, hygiene inspectors, road workers and other council employees, if these people have no jobs I would think that luxuries like playing golf and having dinner at golf clubs may have to be sacrificed in favour of feeding their kids and paying the mortgage.  This in turn will mean I have fewer customers, lower turnover and reduced profits, how do I turn this into creating more jobs in the private sector ?

Golf provides more employment than any other sport in the UK, your local rugby, football or cricket club would be in a fortunate position if they have a couple of employees (bar staff or a pro coach perhaps) but every golf club has a range of full time employees, Golf Professionals, chefs, bar staff, waiting staff, cleaners, office staff, green keepers, and we all depend on a well functioning economy with high levels of employment.

I think as well, that like tens or hundreds of thousands of people who voted Liberal at the last General Election, I can't see what difference, if any at all, the LibDems are making to government policy at the moment.  Come the next election I think I will be withdrawing my vote from the LibDems and going back to writing "None of the above are fit to govern me" across my ballot paper.
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