Thursday, December 23, 2010

And A Merry Hypocrisy To You

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There are people who, if it comes up in general conversation that I'm a Christian and I do believe in God, feel it necessary to become quite aggressive and immediately tell me what a fool I am for having faith, or they express a (very tired, dull and glib) opinion that religion is at the root of all the world's evils.

I note that at the moment the very same people are running around putting up decorations, sending greetings cards, buying presents and food and preparing a feast to join in with the most widely celebrated event in the Christian calendar, the birth of Christ.

You know, if you truly are a independent, free thinking soul, beholden to no-one and nothing, free of religious taint, not held under the awful yoke of ritual myth, then surely you are are also able to free yourself from the mass hysteria and hype of Christmas itself, or is there no end to your hypocrisy ? Many anti-religion types seem to be quite happy to accept all the fun parts of religion, they would fight to keep the Christmas parties and bank holidays, whilst at the same time proclaiming the religion is evil. Well really people, make your minds up.

Anyway, it is the season of good will to all men, so I hope everyone everyone has a really great Christmas, and that includes the faithful, the non-believers, and especially Richard Dawkins.  I wonder what he does for Christmas Day ?
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  1. Squirt8:18 am

    Or maybe, for whatever reason, they can not express their faith. At least if they get together with their families they are on their way to the true meaning of Christmas. Less worrying about presents and more spreading of love.
    Happy Christmas everyone :)

  2. R.I.P.10:11 pm

    I'm sorry, but isn't most of what's good about the seasons festivities more to do about what's been taken or adopted from other celebrations, such as Saturnalia? As a Christian will you take insult from the pagan rituals included in the celebrations, such as the Holly and the Ivy?

    When it comes to hypocrisy, there can't be any larger hypocrites than the world's Christian churches and clergy, with the cover up of child abuse, collection of wealth and property and ostentation, whilst large numbers of their flock live in poverty, etc. etc.

    If you really want to emulate and celebrate the birth of a Jewish child (and if scholars are to believed,it should not be taking place in December either, that just happily coincided with pre-existing celebrations which could be hi-jacked & absorbed into the faith whilst quashing existing beliefs - a bit like the missionaries did in Africa) perhaps you should go off on a journey to get your taxes paid, and travel with just the clothes on your back, sleeping in a barn or two on the way - or was that what you were up to in Africa?

    Just because I don't believe in a deity or the son of one, doesn't mean I don't believe in enjoying myself.

    I'm glad I've not been to your restaurant for a "Christmas bash" if you need prove the faith before you sit down to enjoy yourselves. Or if the money is right, do YOU turn a blind eye to that?

    BTW, I'm quite happy to enjoy bonfire night too, without any belief I also have to blow up parliament.

  3. To be honest, I don't think that many people celebrating Christmas do so because it was previously the date for another celebration.

    I think also, you've slightly missed my point. I think it is perfectly fair to ask why, if someone has previously attacked me for simply professing my faith, they then partake in one of our mosr important celebrations.

    If you are just happy to join in with Christmas, Easter, Bonfire Night, May Day and the Green Man fest then that's fine, but it does seem just a little crass to me to say on the one hand "Muslims are idiots, you shouldn't believe in Allah" and then to decide that "Hey, Ramadan sounds like fun, I'll have a go at that."

  4. Oh deary dear. Clearly somebody has a problem with sincerity. I personally dislike the commercialisation of Christmas. That said if I happened to live in a predominantly Pagan society, I’d me moaning about the commercialisation of Samhain or similar, I guess. YS has as much right to his views as anybody else, he simple has the willingness to share but not impose them with or upon us. Regardless of why we are having a few days away from our daily duties, let’s all have a great time and not worry to much about the reasons…