Monday, December 27, 2010

Album Review : Virgin Death - Crimson Chrysalis 7*

For Fans Of : Evanescence, Nightwish

The Virgin Death EP is a first release for the artist performing as Crimson Chrysalis, but not, so far as I can find out, her first foray into published music.  CC seems to be more or less a solo project for a South African artist called Rene who has previously performed acoustic rock sung in Afrikaans.  Crimson Chrysalis comes in at the light and very melodic end of the rock/metal spectrum.

I can't find any useful information on who performs on the EP, apart from one track Epilogue, features another South African musician, Ruan Xen.

The EP is a pretty good stab at making a European style melodic rock album, Rene, or CC, has a good voice, slightly breathy and huskily sexy in places, but with good range, strength and sustain for the rockier parts.  The music itself has touches of Evanescence minus the goth histrionics, the EP sits somewhere between mainstream AOR and operatic rock.

There are 6 songs on the EP, opener Fuck Off And Die has the attitude, but should have packed a bit more guitar punch.  Moth Around A Flame combines a string section nicely with the band and CC's voice is at it's most sultry, Epilogue has a soaring, end of epic movie the credits are rolling feel to it.  The title track Virgin Death has sweeping keyboards and some good guitar parts, but the middle section is a bit of a let down and sounds rather like a Disney musical piece. Soliloque and Dragon's Roar round off the EP, both decent and nicely composed tracks.

I felt that if Virgin Death had had just a little more punch it would have been a really good album, as it is this is a good effort, and for those who like like light rock and clear vocals it makes for pleasing listening.

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