Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Airport Chief Says He Feels Sorry For UK

Controller of Reykjavik Airport, Bjarni Bergsson, says he feels sorry for the tens of thousands of people trapped at British airports.

"I had no idea that literacy rates were so appalling in the UK," he said yesterday. "Although it clearly stated on every website, television programme and newspaper that under no account should anyone travel to Heathrow, thousand of Brits were unable to read the warnings and still ended up stuck at the airport.  The British government should put more money into educating their people so that they can read and understand basic warnings."

Bergsson went on to say that Reykjavik was operating normally, as it always does, and the only flight delays were caused by inbound flights from the UK.

"I'm glad we don't get snow here like they do in the UK," he joked. "Otherwise we could be in real trouble."

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