Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Words From Mrs YS.

Hello, just a few words from Mrs YS:-

The last couple of days here in Kruger National Park have been brilliant!

I was not expecting the landscape to be as it is, hills and mountains, trees and it is very green. Probably too many wildlife programs on the telly with arid plains, scrubland and desert.

Have seen loads of animals too, so far we have spotted loads of Elephants (right next to the car and having a dip in a watering hole), Rhino, Zebra, Giraffe, Water Buffalo, Hippo, Wart Hogs and lots of antelope, oh and a quick glimpse of a leopard up a tree.

It is really hot and humid here too, today it touched 40 deg, but it’s been around 36 deg generally. Tonight there is a massive lightening storm, it’s fantastic, nearly as good as the animals, it is just lighting up the whole sky, and has been for at least 40 mins.

So the holiday so far is great, but could be even better if we had our stuff! – The cases got left behind at Amsterdam on Thursday, it’s now Sunday night and they have not arrived. KLM have been promising us for the last two days that “they will be there tomorrow” but they tell porky’s!! So we have had to go shopping for clothes and toiletries etc. But now they are running out, so I hope they really do arrive tomorrow, as our phones are nearly out of juice (chargers in the case) and I am missing little luxuries like perfume, hair dryer, my shoes!!

Oh well still having a good time apart from when I am yelling at KLM on the phone.

Hopefully YS is going to post some pics when the cases get here, as the camera leads are in there too! XXXX

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  1. The Lurker9:25 am

    Sounds like you are having a brilliant time! You couldn't have timed your trip better... the snow here has caused chaos! I think the golf course has been shut since Tuesday and will be at least another couple of days before the snow and ice melts away. Everyone ok back here! Keep the updates and pics coming and have a great time! x