Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A thunderstorm rolled over the hills last night, I took a quick measurement on the Biblical Apocalypse Meter and it came up with a reading of 7.6, very impressive.

We got up early and set off on our big game hunt. Meg has eagle eyes and spotted roughly 374 different species, I saw a lot of Rhino dung, and an eagle.

Our list for today...




Lion (one big male panting under a tree)

Rhino (a pair at distance, then later a single one closer up)



Water Buffalo



And joy of joys, Elephants beyond counting, big ones, mums with babies, family groups, elephants asleep standing up, elephants tearing up grass, elephants knocking down trees, elephants crossing the road, elephants everywhere.

Back at camp, after numerous expensive phone calls to find the whereabouts of our luggage which KLM promised faithfully would arrive today, well, they now say it will most definitely arrive with us tomorrow. At Africa speed I presume

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  1. Squirt9:26 am

    Oh thank goodness... news from YS.
    This will help me while an hour away whilst waiting for the snow to thaw.
    We have had a good foot all around the Whare valley. You guys are missing some beautiful scenery though yours looks fantastic!