Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ripon Cathedral

I actually went to church yesterday, do you get bonus Good Christian points for it being a cathedral ? Anyway, as with all large places of worship, Ripon Cathedral is majestic and awe inspiring and quite beautiful.  I had pottered around the graveyard, then looked around the cathedral and the Saxon Crypt, there was also a display of art for sale inside, had a quick chat to a lady who sings with the church band, had a prayer, lit a candle in memory of Mum and Grandad.

It really is a lovely place, and I am very much looking forward to coming up here again to here Joseph singing in the Cathedral Choir.

Ripon Cathedral

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  1. How beautiful! Churches and graveyards are among my favourite places, too. Nowhere is more peaceful. Your family must be so proud of young Joseph! :)