Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pressed Ham Hock Terrine

This was quite easy to make.

2 Ham Hocks
1/4 pt Stock with gelatin
dill, parsley, dill pickle

Boil a couple of ham hocks for hours, until it is literally falling from the bone, then remove the fat and shred the flesh. I did this when it was still warm, it made it much easier to shred and press into the mould.

Get a clean loaf tin and splash a little water in, then line the tin with clingfilm. Put the shredded ham in the tin, layering it with the herbs and dill pickle, when the tin is full of meat pour in the seasoned stock.

Fold the clingfilm over the top of the meat, cut a bit of cardboard which will fit in the top of the tin and wrap it in foil.  Put the lid on top of the meat and weight down with a couple of tins of beans/soup etc.  Press overnight in the fridge and next morning it should turn out without sticking and ready for slicing.

We served it with salad leaves and some spiced plum chutney.

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