Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Africa has a sweet tooth. Yogurt at breakfast is sweet, kudu stew at dinner is fruity and sweet, bottles of fruit juice from the supermarket are cloyingly sugary and almost undrinkable. A little tartness would be appreciated.

We saw a pride of lions feasting on a giraffe carcass today, that and the sight of elephants bathing have the high points of our safari. It is really exciting though seeing these magnificent beasts in the wild, we were both like children when we saw our first elephants, awestruck and happy as the great animals dined and walked around the car. Today we made a chance sighting of a single rhino after taking a detour, and we spent some time manoeuvring along a thickly wooded riverbank to get a better view of it.

I have walked the ‘Rhino Trail’ a couple of times, this being a path that runs inside the camp wire, with clear signs that you walk at it your own risk and never at night, you wouldn’t want to run into a pack of baboons (who have learned to outwit the electrified fence) in the darkness. 40 yards from our hut’s back door a large hippo (the most prolific killer of people in Africa) grunts and vents in the lake behind the dam, a hundred yards away a pair of rhino graze, and in the near distance something big coughs and growls, we’re truly in the heart of the wild.

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  1. Squirt7:52 pm

    I hope you are obeying the signage out there... not like back home when you just have to peek at what ever is "Private, No entry"!
    I imagine it might be a little more dangerous not to obey the African commands x