Monday, November 08, 2010

Burma Authorities Announce Results of Next Week's Election

General Thein Sein (Burmese: သိန်းစိန်; born 1...Image via Wikipedia
General Thein Sein
The Burmese authorities have just announced the results of the forthcoming General Election.

As expected, Prime Minister General Thein Sein will retain his position with a slightly increased majority, in fact the entire cabinet will secure their seats for another term although Energy Minister Lun Thi may have a sticky night as his seat is scheduled for a re-count which will eventually see him keeping his position by a narrow 312 votes.

After the results are officially sanctioned next Thursday there will be a huge national celebration during which millions of firecrackers will be let off to mask the noise of the firing squads dealing with people who voted for the opposition.
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