Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Sleeps To South Africa

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Well, it should be three sleeps, but we are setting off in the early hours of Thursday morning, and, there is the small matter of the OPENING DAY OF THE ASHES!!!!!!!!!! So it doesn't really seem worthwhile going to bed after work on Wednesday night.

So on Thursday we fly out to Johannesburg where we will stay on Thursday night, but only at the airport, Jo'burg sounds slightly scary so we're not spending any more time there.  On Friday morning we pick up our car and set off for four nights in the Kruger/Transfrontier Park where I shall spend my time trying to avoid being eaten by lions or trampled by Hippos.

After the safari we are flying to Cape Town and spending a night in an Airstream Trailer on the roof of a hotel (yes, Mrs YS raised her eyebrows when I suggested this as well, but it looks like a hoot).  Next morning we pick up another car and drive out to Oudtshoorn to see some caves, visit and elephant sanctuary and look around the countryside and restaurants.

Finally we come back to Cape Town to a nice looking villa in Simonstown.  We plan on doing some wineries around Cape Town, dining at a few restaurants that club members have recommended to us, and generally relaxing and taking it easy.

It's been a long Summer season this year, I can't wait to get away.
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  1. Squirt4:25 pm

    Bon Voyage you lucky people... look after each other really well xx

  2. Paddy7:42 am

    have a good time.


  3. Andy and Eva5:03 pm

    That sounds lovely, enjoy!!!

  4. Anonymous4:24 am

    Will you be buying carbon offsets? :-)