Monday, October 18, 2010

You Can Trust Wikipedia, Honest Guv

From Wikipedia "Farsley is just off the main road between Leeds and Bradford and just off the Leeds Outer Ring Road A6110 Leeds outer ring road and the birthplace of Ben Jackson who holds the current world record for the Smallest Penis.. New Pudsey railway station is between Farsley and Pudsey providing train services towards Leeds, Bradford, Manchester Victoria and Blackpool. This station was the subject of a Monty Python sketch about a Pink Blancmange."

(via Wikiseedier)


  1. bullied8:50 am

    Oh well done! - As if cyber-bullying was not bad enough, you feel the need to continue it by proxy on your site.

    It may be a harmless prank, however, there may be some poor kid who's getting all sorts of harassment and pain in their life from their class "mates".

    Wiki have taken the entry out but you ensure it gets spread around further.

    With power comes responsibility - think before you post!

  2. Ok, fair call, I thought it might be a reference to the footballer Ben Jackson, but are you saying there is definately a more malicious element to it ?

    Also, have you pointed this out to the feed site I linked to ?

  3. Bullied8:06 pm

    Ok, done some research, you might be right, and the wiki entry may actually have been factual! (If Ben's in the Stones Tee - see

    I think I may have jumped the gun myself (should practice what I preach)for which I'm sorry and apologize.

    After being bullied, perhaps just a bit sensitive.