Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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I don't get to go and see Leeds United much, and at the rather astronomical price of £29 a ticket I won't be going all that much this winter either.  Last night though a dead night at work combined with half term meant that we could take nephew Jo to his first ever LUFC home game.

Sister Liz had already ordered us (Meg, Brother Rob, Kevin and myself) that we were not to use the 'H' word when singing along ("stand up if you hate Man U") and to try and ensure that nothing terrible assaulted young Joseph's delicate ears.  With this in mind I bought seats in the Revie Stand and I can report that Jo has now heard a number of phrases and descriptions which I guarantee he will not have come across at the cathedral choir school he attends.

The match of course was crap, Kasper Schmeicel made a comedy goalkeeping error for the first goal, and thankfully the other three goals that went in against us happened at the other end in front of a few hundred delirious Welshmen who were tucked away in the corner stand. Nunez and Gradel looked good when they came on as substitutes, but otherwise Leeds look weak against a strong Cardiff side, with Chopra and the on loan Bellamy easily carving through the midfield and defence.

We had a good night despite the thrashing we suffered, and the rough humour in the kop is always great fun.  As two minutes of added time were announced at the end of 90 minutes play it was greeted with a chorus of whistles and boos and an aggrieved shout of "If I miss last orders at the chippy for two more minutes of this f***ing crap I won't be happy" made us all chuckle.
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