Friday, October 29, 2010

Keep On Running

Santa Cruz Half Marathon -6702Image by RussellReno via Flickr
It's 7.30am, and I have just returned from a quick run, just 3 miles to start the day.  It was a bit weird running in the dark, I'd woken up from a nightmare and couldn't quite shake the feeling caused by the vestigial lingering traces of the dream that someone was behind me.

Apart from my overactive imagination though, the running is going very well, I don't seem to have lost much, if any, weight, but my body shape has changed a bit and on the whole I just feel much better for it.  Last week I managed to run 10 miles, it felt like a huge milestone, not to mention a huge distance, and now I have it in mind to manage a half marathon distance if I can.

When I took up running a few months ago, two miles was enough to leave me panting, sweat soaked and exhausted.  A three mile jog in the afternoon and I was struggling to finish the evening shift at work that followed, now though I can do my five mile circuit of Nesfield - Addingham - Ilkley first thing in the morning and be fine for the rest of the day.  In fact, an early run makes me feel better for most of the day, the early morning endorphin rush is almost as good as a double espresso.

I'm sure that I look quite mad when setting out in the dark, I have my fluorescent jacket, a headlamp and flashing red rear lamp, mad yes, but then I know how people drive along Nesfield Road and I have no wish to be mown down by some early morning commuter.

The picture to illustrate this article is a spectator at the Santa Cruz half marathon, well trust me on this people, you don't want to see a picture of me finishing a run.
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  1. Well done. Keep up the good work.

    Remember, the more running you do, the more beer and pies you can have. }:8)