Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Am So Lucky To Live Here

I went running early this morning.  Out on Nesfield Road there were thick banks of fog laying across the road and sticking to the copses and woods, the sun was just coming up, brilliantly gold against the pale blue and grey sky.  The valley was quiet, the soft buzz of traffic hadn't yet begun, birds sang to the dawning of a new day, sheep and cattle in the fields were grazing on the dew sodden grass.

A handful of humans were abroad, fellow runners and cyclists, a few early dog walkers, hopefully revelling as I was in the sheer beauty of a bright and clear Yorkshire morning following a storm.

Whether by divine providence or lucky chance I am blessed to live here in the Wharfe Valley.  It's a fine place to live, there are places in the world that have more majesty, there are giant cities with all of their cosmopolitan attractions, there are vast mountains and violent oceans, but there is nowhere else that feels quite so right.

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