Saturday, October 02, 2010

How To Cut Carbon Emmisions ?

Watch the video below, what do you think ?

The video was made by campaign group 1010 as part of their campaign to get us all to cut 10% of our carbon emissions, but what sort of message does that video send out ? It's horribly foot in mouth, self parodying, gory, and generally just sends out the wrong idea on many levels.

If you click on the 1010 website they have already issued an apology and taken the video down, but is it all a PR stunt, or did they actually waste time and money on this video campaign thinking it was a good idea ? I really can't tell.


  1. Paddy9:39 am

    The video is confused and doesn't get any coherent message across. Having seen their site it's an accurate reflection of the group.

    The idea however solves 2 problems (cutting emissions and over population) in one easy step.


  2. it's utterly utterly misconceived. It might work in the satirical context of a Chris Morris show or South Park or something, but as part of a serious campaign it's catastrophically stupid and counterproductive. climate change deniers couldn't have wished for anything better! this never should have got past the drunken-idea-in-a-pub stage.