Friday, October 01, 2010

Ey Up, It's October

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Where did September go ? Oh that's right, I was working, all of it.

I got up nice and early and ran 3 miles or so, good effort, didn't feel too much like having a heart attack.  Today and tomorrow are reasonably quiet days at work so I might be able to slack off a little / take my Gallente battleship out and pew some rats. 

I think we had better do some more planning for our holidays as well, Mrs YS and myself depart for sunny South Africa in two months time, we have the safari all sorted (I hope, despite the safari booking agent requiring a signature for my credit card, just how the hell am I supposed to provide that ?) and now we need to book some accommodation and hire a car for the Cape Town/Wine Route end of the trip.

And then it will be Christmas.

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