Friday, October 22, 2010

Album Review : Sign of Angels - Issa 6*

Issa is a twenty something singer from Oslo, and despite this being her debut album she seems to have something of a working pedigree with over 400 live shows to her credit and appearances on a few other melodic rock albums.  I think she also appeared on Norway's X Factor.

Sign of Angels is a perfectly acceptable melodic rock album, Issa sings well and obviously has some talent, but I think her voice sounds better in the mid to high range and when she is fully projecting it, she sounds slightly flatter on the slow sections.

The songwritng on the album is a collaborative effort including such veteran rock talent as Hammerfall's Joachim Cans and Thomas Vikstrom of Candlemass, the music though is much more firmly rooted in melodic rock than those inputs would seem to suggest.

There is nothing bas about  Sign Of Angels, the band Issa has assembled all play well, she sings well and the songs are decently structured and well produced, but to be honest, nothing on the album really lights my fire.  Everything is good, and I wouldn't turn it off if it came on the radio, but nothing is fantastic either, I quite enjoyed pretty much every track on the album, but without ever going crazy for anything.  It does seem a little like rock by the numbers, everything you need for a great rock album is in place, but it does lack that spark of originality.

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