Friday, October 22, 2010

The 2nd Hole Looks A Bit Rough Etc.

The 2nd hole at Ilkley Golf Club yesterday, they've finally decided to make the holes comparable to my skill at golf.

This huge hole is going to be the foundation of the new footbridge from the 2nd tee across the River Wharfe onto the island which contains the 2nd green, the 3rd tee, fairway and green and the 4th tee.  There will be another new bridge leading from the 4th tee across to the 4th fairway at the other end of the island.

Head greenkeeper Duncan, the middle of the three men standing, tells me that the bridge will arrive in two sections which will be bolted together on site and then lifted by crane onto the footings.  The footings will take a week or so to prepare, the bridges will take less than a day to assemble and drop into position.

The lower photo is the current, and aging, footbridge at the 2nd which is now going to be replaced.

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