Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You've Heard Of The EDL, What About The MDL ?

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"Post 9/11 we have seen an upsurge in ant- Islamic sentiment both in the UK and on the international level and certainly this sentiment has turned in to action by Islamaphobes all across the world. Islamaphobia has been coined to describe this phenomenon which has given rise to a much needed counter to all the propaganda that is disseminated predominantly by the right-wing media and right-wing Politicians. The Muslim Defence League is a peaceful movement primarily focused on countering the very anti-Islamic English Defence League. We will do this in two main ways:

1. Mobilise local communities to rise against the EDL (peacefully) and join other similar organisations.

2. Disseminate the right information via the internet (and other means) for the mass public.

We also have a general aims which go beyond the current EDL threat:

1. To empower Muslims and non Muslims to actively engage society for its benefit. For many years we have seen the Muslim community remain inactive and kept themselves to themselves. We want to encourage the Muslims to engage in society. One example of this is to participate in local and national elections. We also recognise that a huge section of the general public have been disenfranchised and have become disillusioned with Politics. We want to change this and mobilise the people to make an active stance against what they think is wrong.

2. To counter Islamaphobia spread by certain media, politicians and activists. Within the context of Britain we have seen credible Muslim scholars, activist and institutions being demonised and their good reputations being tarred because of this rise in Islamaphobia.

3. To highlight the plight of people who suffer injustice and oppression all over the world. For example Palestine has been under occupation for over 62 years and the stories of genocide and ethnic cleansing is vast in its history of occupation. The occupation is illegal and the plight of the Palestinians continues!

4. To promote the right approach amongst Muslims in the UK. We are pragmatic and we take in to considerations the reality on the ground. We need to have a balanced and moderate approach as done so by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The behaviour and character of Muslims is what used to define us. We need get back to this well refined way of behaving and we will do this by promoting credible literature, scholars and Institutions.

We also aim to educate the extremist who do not represent the will of the Muslim community, but nonetheless they are given a platform by the media because it makes good TV. At the same time we reject those people and groups who have strayed into neglect of their duties/principles of their Deen. For example the Quilliam Foundation and its founders who have been rejected by the Muslim community as sell outs and government stooges.

5. To promote the true essence of the religion of Islam. As Muslims in the UK we have a duty to promote Islam but we do not force it down people who disagree with us. We do this in ways that is best and most desired, not screaming and shouting like headless chickens. We also need to focus on our community who are becoming more and more spiritually devoid. “Truly, God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran 13:11)"

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