Monday, September 27, 2010

Run, Beardy Fat Bloke, Run

Tsegay Kebede at the 2009 London MarathonImage via Wikipedia
Tsegaye Kedebe beats YS once again
Normally my runs go something like this, plod, plod, plod, sweat, pant, don't stop, plod, plod, more sweat, oh please don't be sick, plod, plod, how can one person sweat so much, plod, plod, oh please don't let me die, oh thank the Lord I'm home again, collapse.

I've been running on and off for a couple of months, and each time I set out in the vain hope that today's effort will be marginally less painful than the last time.  After all, isn't the point of exercise that you are supposed to get better at it ?  I had already done a couple of 5.5 mile runs last week when I did a shorter run on Saturday afternoon, just short of 3 miles, and it was horrible.  It seemed just as bad as the first run I did a few weeks ago, lung bursting, sucking in mouthfuls of air like a man close to drowning, a stitch in my side competing in the knife like pain stakes with a small strain in the small of my back, a stiff breeze seeming to suck the air out of my lungs and my body heat boiling my brain and evaporating my ability for coherent thought. 

Saturday was nearly the last run I was going to bother with, it was just all too much, but I forced myself out the door this afternoon and pounded (and with my running style, I do mean pounded) the mean streets and fields of Myddleton.  What an astonishing difference, I was fleet of foot, lithe and gazelle like, bounding and springing my way though the meadows with a lightness of foot that wouldn't shame an elf.

Alright, that's obviously a lie, I was as heavy footed and plodding as I always am, but, I managed to keep going almost without a halt and I didn't even to close to being sick on my own trainers.  It's not as if Tsegaye Kebede needs to be looking over his shoulder just yet, and to you, not feeling nauseous might not seem a great achievement, but I must say, for me finishing a run and not wanting to be ill is a new personal best, long may it continue.
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  1. Running is a particularly good example of 'there are good days and there are bad days'.

    Stick with it. The hardest thing is getting out of the door.
    And remember, the more running/exercise you do, the more beer and pies you can have.

    Oh, and as for it getting easier, you might not notice that, as as you get fitter and more used to it, you'll just keep pushing yourself as hard, you'll just go further and quicker. }:8)

  2. My guru :-) Been out again today, another 5.5 miles, pretty good going again apart from a slightly stiff left knee.

  3. Jolly good. Well done.

    If you can find a willing victim, it helps a lot to have someone to run with.

    e.g. chatting, but more importantly, the act of committing to meet/run with someone means you are (should be) less likely to find an excuse and cry off. If you do, you are letting that person down as well as yourself.


  4. Chatting ? I've seen people chatting when they run, I just concentrate on getting into air in so I don't die.

    I don't mind running alone, I see what you mean about company, but I'm tied tot he whims of my customers and find it extremely hard to say exactly when I'll be free to do anything. Come the winter though that'll change a bit.