Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lamech, My Son

I was reading the Bible yesterday and wondering why certain names from the very beginning of the Bible have remained in common use and other names have not.

Adam, Eve, Noah, Jared, Abel, Enoch and Seth, I know people, either personally or well known people, who have these names. I don't think I know of anyone called Cain, which is reasonable if people have a bit of Bible knowledge when choosing their son's name.

There are a lot of other names of equal antiquity though which have either fallen from common use, or have never really been picked up as names, does anyone know of a Lamech, Shem, Ham, Japeth, Enos or Mahalaleel ? These names may sound unusual, but only because they are not in common use, if you knew half a dozen blokes called Lamech the name wouldn't sound so unusual at all.

The picture is a woodcut called Creation of Light by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld from a series of engravings for Die Bible In Bildern published in 1860.


  1. Squirt8:45 pm

    Excellent trive quiz question... "Does anyone know the origin of the name Wendy?"

  2. Is it from the Welsh Gwendolyn but shortened by J M Barrie for use in Peter Pan ? Although Wend in Old English meant 'to depart' and is still used in the North of England to describe roads or paths as 'wending.'

  3. I have Job (and possibly Meshach) in my family tree, which is kinda cool.

    Mind you, this is going back to Victorian times...

  4. The Lurker2:38 pm

    There's a 'Cain Dingle' in Emmerdale which is a weekly documentary detailing the happenings of a small Yorkshire village. Thought you'd have known that YS !

  5. Squirt11:39 pm

    The name Wendy was invented by J M Barrie for the book Peter Pan... Fact of the day in Jospeh's new school planner!