Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Sort Of Car Do I Drive ? Er, It's A Blue One

On the way to look at and possibly purchase a new car last week Mrs YS offered me the following advice, "You know nothing about cars so shut up and I'll do the negotiating."

She isn't wrong, I knew that I owned a little blue Puegot, but after that I couldn't recall what type it was, what the registration number was, how large the engine was ("Er, small-ish"), what road tax or insurance bracket it was, and then she started with the technical questions.

"The Chrysler you like is 16 valves, do you really need a 16 valve car ?." Valves, I say ? Are they something to do with crystal set radios ? This brings on a swift outbreak of that look from Mrs. YS.

You see, I'm a simple bloke, and what I need in a car is 4 wheels, automatic gears, an engine of whatever sort, a radio would be nice, space in the boot for the shopping and space on the back seats for the waitresses (although those two positions are interchangeable depending on how they are behaving).

My new car then is a small black Ford, it has all of the above things, and it probably has valves, but I won't be taking the radio apart to discover how many.

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