Friday, August 20, 2010


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I went out running again this morning.  I rather thought that after completing a couple of five and half mile plods earlier in the week that today's run would feel a little easier, it was not so.  A storm had just passed over leaving extremely humid conditions behind it and a short distance into the run and I was struggling for breath.

4.64 miles in 48.19 minutes, and each mile noticeably slower than the preceding one.  Didn't enjoy today's exercise at all, running on the main road is noisy, and the road from the bridge at Ben Rhydding is filled with cocks in Porsches going way too bloody fast and swerving minimally so you think they might just be trying to clip you.  I think I'll go back to the quieter route along to Addingham next time.

Full sad and geeky run details here.
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  1. Carry a pointy stick held out to the side. You'd be surprised how much they value their cars more than life.


  2. YS, I've been running most of my life. You have good days, you have bad days. Just one of those things. Try running off road. Much more fun. :)

    Yesterday evening I ran for 2 1/4 hours from Ambleside over Red Screes and High Pike in torrential rain and howling winds. At one point I could barely stand and all the paths were more like streams. It was fantastic. MrM vs Mother Nature. }:8) (Mother Nature usually wins in one for or another, but it's great to be out there. )