Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poor People "Cannot Afford Things" Says New Study

A study published by Professor Dave Obvious (Chair of Conspicuous Evidence, Cambridge) seems to show a definite link between people's income and what they can afford to spend.

"There seems to be a marked correlation between the income level of a household and the goods and services they are able to purchase," said Prof Obvious earlier.

The survey shows that many middle income families cannot afford luxury 200ft ocean going yachts, and that almost nobody in the low income bracket has been able to purchase a Bentley Mulsanne or take month long holidays in Andorra (with the exception of Frank Dodgy of Cleckheaton who is currently under investigation by HMR&C and DI Steve Brutal of the Serious Crime Unit).

"This means something," commented Prof Obvious as he accepted yet another large wad of public money to carry out further research.

Professor Obvious' previous reports include It Looks Increasingly Likely That The Pope Is Not Protestant and Ursine Creatures May Indeed Defecate In Areas With Heavy Tree Growth.

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