Friday, August 20, 2010

A Level Results Day 2025

Well, YS is pleased to report today that the Education Board is expecting a near 100% pass rate at Grade A and above, we're going to cross over live to Ilkley Grammar Sci-Tech School where 18 year old Pam Sibbings is about to open her results.

(sound of paper tearing and excited screaming)

YS - "Did you get what you expected Pam ?"

Pam - "Yes, I'm into Newcastle Uni with a A*** in Film Studies, A******* in Soap Operas and A∞ in English Literature."

YS - "That last one, really ?"

Pam - "Oh, I specialised in Heat magazine studies."

YS - "And what do you suppose your job prospects are with those qualifications ?"

Pam - "Quality control on Big Brother or researcher for the Chris Moyles show, either really."

YS - "And there you have it, the UK once again leads the world in eydukation."

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