Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Another Normal Day

Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 24, nice weather so quite a few members and casual visitors playing, I went running, and decapitated a rabbit (picture in photo below).

The running went better than expected, although I moved at my normal rumbling/plodding pace, I managed to cover five and half miles running on grass.  I was a bit stiff afterwards, and my left knee is grumbling a little this morning.

The poor little rabbit was sat at the top of the car park, in bright sunshine, its eyes were swollen and inflamed and the creature was listless and didn't struggle when I picked it up.  Myxomatosis, that great Australian idea for culling wild rabbits, is a bloody awful disease.  You can often see rabbits with Myxi around the Dales, stumbling around blinded by the illness, unable to eat, gradually wasting away and suffering intense pain from the myxomata swellings in the head and genitals, and from the fever and pneumonia the infection brings on.  Death can take up to two weeks, or a couple of seconds via a big bloke with a shovel.

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