Thursday, August 05, 2010

Film Review - Colin 7*

The big selling point of Colin, apart from the fact that it is a zombie movie, was the 'fact' that it was made for the minuscule budget of just £45.  That doesn't sound all that likely, but it is obvious from watching that the director Mark Price has achieved something rather good with very limited funds.

Colin is equally as good as Dead Snow (reviewed last month) and far better than the lame zombie effort that was Zombieland.  As Colin is told from the point of view of Colin himself, and he spends the majority of the film as a re-animated shuffling corpse, there is very little dialogue in the film.  The makers still manage to tell a story though, although I didn't find it to be quite as obvious and 'different' as some reviewers have claimed.

The film is cleverly done, making the best use of low light and deserted locations which adds tremendously to the atmosphere.  Colin shuffles from place to place, at first seemingly at random, then it appears that his rotting mind still contains some shreds of memory.  The film is spooky and unnerving, the constant sound of gunfire and explosions in the outdoors scenes remind you that people are still holding on in the city that Colin wanders through.

There is quite a lot of gore in the film, a large part of the small budget must have gone on fake blood and abattoir off cuts, but the better scenes are not perhaps the ones drenched in vital fluids, but the creepy and jarring things that Colin sees in a society dissolving under attack from within.  A good effort, scary and sinister, and a clever attempt at doing something original in the zombie genre.

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