Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Album Review : We Will All Evolve - Our Last Night 5*

For Fans Of : Trivium, Circa Survive, The Bronx,

Post-hardcore, exciting new (ish) hard rock format or first resort for the musically capable but creatively challenged ? I am afraid that the whole sub genre is tending towards the latter and Our Last Night are a perfect example of this.

On their second album, Our Last Night do all the post hardcore stuff perfectly, alternating sung and screamed vocals parts, juddering drums and shuddering guitars, everything is executed admirably.  It's just that the album shows a complete lack of ambition, the band are happy to follow an extremely well worn path and this lack of expression undermines their musical talents.

There is nothing really bad about We Will All Evolve, but there is nothing that really stands out either, we have all heard a hundred albums like this before.  WWAE is a bit like having a post hardcore album explained to you by Wikipedia, all the relevant points are correct, but where is the passion and verve ?

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