Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Album Review - All albums by Crippled Black Phoenix 9*

OK, so I'm years late in discovering this band, but I don't care because I think I am falling in love with them, and they're not exactly a household name anyway so you might well not have heard of them.

CBP have released three proper albums, or perhaps 1 album and one double album, sorry, am I confusing things ?
A Love Of Shared Disasters
The Resurrectionists / Night Raiders

To further confuse things, there was an album released called 200 Tons Of Bad Luck which contained 12 tracks from TR / NR and yet another album called 8 Songs which contains 8 songs from TR/NR, it's all so confusing.  My advice is avoid 200 Tons and 8 Songs  and just get hold of the other, proper, albums instead. 

Do get hold of these albums though, buy them for preference, borrow them or mug your geeky student mate if you must, but grab them and listen to them.  When listening to Crippled Black Phoenix, do make sure you have a couple of hours set aside, there is the odd 4 minute song on the albums, but lengthy epics are the norm here and not the exception.

The songs themselves, well, to be frank with you, I can't say that all of the pieces contained on these albums are songs in the normally understood definition of the word.  There are beautiful and haunting pieces of music here, and the vocals when they arrive are lovely in a desolate way.  The things that CBP create though are not verse chorus songs, they are by their own description the ballads of the end times, falling somewhere between sparse folk, mellow prog and a film score following the lonely travels of the last man on earth.

It seems odd to describe a song both as disconsolate and alluring, but that is what CBP have achieved with their very individual style.  What sort of music fan then might enjoy this idiosyncratic musical form, there are elements of goth in here, prog fans might get off on parts, folkies might enjoy some of the instrumental parts, best of all though, if you love Katy Perry or JLS, then you're going to hate CBP, it'll just blow your little mind away.

The Crippled Black Phoenix experience is enchanting and strange, it is seductive and perhaps a little daunting at the first listen, but do persevere, because there are many delights within.  CBP are perhaps the most deliberately non-commercial band I have found in a while, but they are majestic and grand, weird and wondrous.


  1. Is good. Like. Thanks.

  2. I thought they might be your sort of thing mate.