Friday, August 20, 2010

Album Review : Album Sampler EP - One Night Only 8*

For Fans Of : Human League, The Killers, The Sunshine Underground

Oh hello, is it the 80's again ? Because Say You Don't Want It opens with some keyboards styled very much after The Human League, and the 80's rock pop feel continues throughout the EP.

The 80's, era of cheesy pop and embarrassing power metal . yes, but not only.  It was also an era of well written and well played rock and pop where real talent and musical ability (largely) superceded disposable ten a penny wannabe stars.  So if One Night Only want to hark back to the better parts of that decade, then that's a good musical choice.

One Night Only are a 5 piece hailing from Helmsley in North Yorkshire, they play very commercial soft rock with great harmonies and they don't want to be yet another whiny indie rock mob, hurrah for them. The four track EP has four great songs with fabulous clear vocals, pleasing harmonies, catchy hooks and easy to pick up sing-a-longs, they really ought to be massive.

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