Tuesday, August 31, 2010

13 Years - You'd Get Less For Murder Etc.

Yes, 13 years ago to this very day I was married to the woman of my dreams and we have had 13 years of pure unalloyed happiness ever since.  It was a rather surreal day, I had a huge Southern Comfort induced hangover, Princess Diana died, it rained in a Biblical fashion delaying Meg's arrival, and Stuart who was supposed to be an usher arrived last of everyone and only managed to ush himself into the wedding room.

I made the right choice though, so long as Keira Knightley keeps the Harassment Order against me anyway, and we seem to get along today as well as we did when we first met.  We are also one of those rare couples who spend our working lives together, and running the business would be so much harder without Meg's organisational skills. It's been a pretty good 13 years, tonight we'll be raising a glass to plenty more.


  1. The Lurker11:02 am

    Happy Anniversary you two!!! Lots of love Brother-in-law Mk II, Carole, Vladimir Jack & Hecate Alice x x x

  2. Hoorah. Conga rats to you both.