Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Roll Call

Image of Saskia Adams from FacebookImage of Saskia Adams
Yesterday we hosted the IGC Mixed Open event which attracted 170+ golfers to play at Ilkley on a day of warm but mixed weather.  For one reason or another we were slightly short staffed but everyone did a sterling effort in getting the hungry golfers fed and watered. Rob W, Hannah, Julia, Sadie, Fred and Saskia, well done everyone, I appreciate all your efforts.

After the evening service had finished last night we the second shift sat down together and had dinner together.  I enjoy eating with the staff, but it does remind me how different we are here from some other places. 

Quite a few years ago I worked at a little place by a river, and when the shift was over there everyone was allowed some dinner.  The chefs cooked a nice meal for the husband and wife who owned the place, and everyone else was 'allowed' a cheese or egg sandwich. I don't know whether they did this as some sort of deliberately divisive show to better demonstrate the us and them air that pervaded the place, or whether they were just fools who didn't realise how it made them look to the staff.

The upshot of course was all the staff 'stole' food whilst the shift was running, and so didn't really want a cheese butty later on.  This would please my employers even more, as they falsely believed they had saved the minor expense of cheese and two bits of bread.

Last night I had made too much curry, so the four of us sat down to a curry feast, if we have done a carvery then all the staff get a roast dinner, bat staff included.  I like sitting down to eat with the crew, they're a really nice bunch of kids, funny, articulate and bright, and it is good to have a short time when you can just chat and socialise together.

On a completely different subject, I have illustrated this piece with a photo of waitress Saskia via my Zementa tool.  Saskia's photo, along with some others of staff I mentioned earlier, came up in the the suggestion box notated as 'Non free, but could qualify as fair use.'  I presume that these people have made their photos public on Facebook and so they can be pulled into feed systems like Zementa.

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  1. Paddy9:38 am

    you have "bat staff" ?????


  2. Doesn't everyone ? We have badger handlers and rabbit herders too.

  3. From what I hear, he has batty staff.

  4. We'll have to careful what we say, the YS blog was being discussed in the IGC bar earlier today ;-)