Friday, July 30, 2010

Moths, They Give Me THE FEAR!

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I know it's a bit daft for a grown man to be scared of moths, but I can't stand the things.  It's the way they flutter and speed around in senseless mad flight, horrible little things.

Last week I was tidying up in the linen store, which is also where I keep sacks full of washed plastics and cans for recycling. After I had dragged all the sacks out to my car I reached into my pocket to get my car keys, and a bloody big moth had managed to crawl inside.  It fluttered against my palm, did I react to this in a stoic and manly manner ? No. I screamed like a little girl, much to the amusement of Mrs YS and brother in law Mk.3
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  1. I'm with you on that. I can go 12 rounds with the biggest spider but put a moth anywhere near me and I run like Usane Bolt with a firework up his *rse.

  2. My youngest sister shares your feelings towards moths. The hysterics also start if a butterfly is anywhere in her vicinity.

    Thanks for sticking that picture in my brain, Dave. :D