Sunday, July 18, 2010

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Remembering The Few

The Royal British Legion will he holding a  number of events late this summer to commemorate the man who fought in the Battle Of Britain, 2010 sees the 70th anniversary of the failed German attempt to destroy the RAF.

The summer newsletter tells the story of John 'Cocksparrow' Ellis, a Hurricane pilot shot down on September 1st 1940, and whose remains, entombed in the buried cockpit of his downed fighter plane, were only found in a Kent field in 1992.

RAF Fighter Command, immortalised in Winston Churchill's speech as 'the few' held off repeated attacks by the Luftwaffe but at a terrible human cost to the brave young man flying the planes. 

The Royal British Legion works to support vulnerable older veterans, and the summer campaign seeks to raise funds for a new dementia unit at Galanos House, a Poppy Care Home in Warwickshire.
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