Monday, July 19, 2010

Film Review : Dead Snow 7*

High in the mountains above a Norwegian fjord is a winter cabin where a group of young people are due to spend their Easter holiday, little do they know that the area is inhabited by a large group of Zombie Nazis !

This isn't the most serious horror film I've ever seen, even with my complete lack of Norwegian this black comedy horror film raises a chuckle or two, and the odd fright.

The film is soaked in gore, arterial blood sprays regularly decorate the scenery, people get eaten, you get to see a lot of entrails and despite the students discussing the pitfalls of the young people in horror movies, they still split up to allow the zombie Nazis to catch them more easily.

Dead Snow references other films both in the genre, the Evil Dead homage towards the end, and in other genres with the quotes from Indiana Jones but really it's just a blood spattered gore fest with a bunch of won't stay dead mouldy blokes.  Quite well made, funny in a horrible way, a bit scary, not too serious.

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