Saturday, July 31, 2010

Does The Times Have An Agenda Against Clare Balding ?

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I wondered earlier in the week why Caitlin Moran deemed it important to point out presenter Clare Balding's sexual status in an article reviewing Balding's new show Britain By Bike.  It seems that sister newspaper The Sunday Times also had a go at the BBC presenter, A A Gill seems to have incurred Balding's wrath by making jokes about her sexuality in his review of her show.

Clare Balding makes Sunday Times sex jibe complaint

I didn't get The Sunday Times last week, and I'm not stumping up the money to get through The Times pay wall, did anybody read the article ?  Would I be a bit paranoid in thinking that whenever some arm of the far reaching News Corp/Sky empire has a go at someone then there is a dark and controlling force behind it ?

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