Thursday, July 01, 2010

Candle Auction

An auction in which the bidding and payment had to be completed before a lit candle burned out. The best known candle auction in Yorkshire is the Hubberholme Land Letting, a centuries old practise held annually at The George Inn.

"The pub was originally constructed as a farmstead in the 1600's and was once used as the vicarage. When the vicar was at home he would put a lighted candle in the window as a signal to his parishioners. This tradition is carried on today with a candle lit whenever the bar is open. The candle is also used in the annual land-letting auction known as the Hubberholme Parliament and is held on the first Monday night of the year in a tradition dating back centuries. The local farmers gather to bid for 16 acres of pastureland owned by the church, the proceedings of which go to help the poor people of the parish. The vicar oversees the proceedings and sits in the House of Lords ( dining room ) while the bidding takes place in the House of Commons ( the bar ). The highest bid made when the candle flickers out wins the auction."

The George Inn.

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