Sunday, July 18, 2010

Book Review : Dicks - Garth Ennis & John McCrea 7*

Garth Ennis cheerfully notes that he's going to Hell for writing this one, and a brief scan of the appallingly bad taste contents will tell you why.  Ennis also points out that you are going to Hell with him just for reading it, oh well, time to get toasty then.

Dicks reads like a late night drunken pub conversation with your mates when you try to tell a joke so sick that everyone else will recoil in horror. Specific reasons for Ennis facing a one way pass to the Underworld might well include the creation of the pro-abortion superhero The Aborter, with his catchphrase of "Coathanger on!", or perhaps the other intermittent character Trio might be the cause for his burning (she's very friendly, especially with three men at a time).
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Dicks is, to be honest, an absolute bloody disgrace from beginning to end, it is puerile, deliberately provocative, mindlessly violent, and  very funny to boot.  What is it about, well, we have two Northern Irish protagonists during the days of para-military and Parachute Regiment violence, struggling to get by in Belfast.  They decide to become private eyes, thus the title, or perhaps the title is just because they're a pair of complete pricks.

The plot, such as it is, is even more surreal than the wilder moments of Preacher, and involves vast amounts of toilet humour, violent death by threshing machines and gags about masturbation.  A shortlist of people who may well be offended by Dicks might begin with the Ulster Volunteer Force, Royal Ulster Constabulary, vicars, women, country folk, normal people, abnormal people, quite weird people and even the Reverend Ian Paisley, feel free to add yourself to the list of the offended, or hell bound, if you dare.

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