Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who Says...

...that Americans are an insular and ill informed rabble who don't understand the basic rules of the biggest sport in the world ?

Oh right, there you are then, caught bang to rights.

I mean, where do you start ?


  1. AAah but they were being smarter than we gave them credit for. It's actually a USian, sporting in joke:

  2. Fair enough, but he's still a muppet for calling the England team 'British' and 'Britain' throughout the article.

  3. Honestly, we always use the terms UK, England, and Britain to mean same thing and no one is around to correct us. It's not you who should be offended, it's the Scots, Manx, Welsh and Irish who are left out. The further you are from something, the more it's pieces look the same, only when you are close do you see the differences. You could say that someone from East Tennessee and Northern Alabama are the same group of people, but neither would think so nor would either ever want to be mistaken for the other, kind of like Yorkshire and Lancashire.