Wednesday, June 16, 2010

US President Warns Of New War Front

President Barrack Obush warned the American people yesterday that he would be opening a new front in the war on oil. Talking about the Gulf Of Mexico oil spill he said "My fellow Americans, we should totally ignore the fact that it was our fellow Americans who designed, built and installed the equipment that has caused this leak."

He went on to say to say that the oil spill was his generation's 9/11 and that "Hypocrisy is not a word I understand, the US has spent decades fighting against paying compensation for the Union Carbide Bhopal disaster, but that was just a bunch of Indians, this oil is affecting Americans and by God the Britains are gonna pay."

"BP are part of the axle grease of evil, and we shall eradicate all Britainishness from America just as we wiped the evil of French Fries from our menus, English muffins, cups of tea, hundreds of millions of dollars of income from Britainish tourists, it's all gotta go."

A US Government spokesman said yesterday "What do mean the Statue of Liberty is French ?"


  1. So, are you fired up enough to be rethinking your holiday plans for later in the year? Not being snippy or judgemental, just genuinely curious. I'd probably be seriously thinking about it if it were me, but such things are always easy to say when it's purely hypothetical. I guess this signals the end of that fantastic "special relationship" between the U.S. and the U.K.

  2. I am honestly a bit worried over Obama's use of language, you can see there is a lot of American protectionism bound up in it, but he does seem to have made the transition for radical free thinker to kneejerk reactionary rather rapidly. Some other US politicians have been even worse, one senator said "If you can hear a British accent, you can hear someone lying."

    I still love the US, it has lovely and friendly people and I want to explore more of the country, but, I'd love to visit New Zealand, and Hong Kong - Singapore are on my 'want to' list as well.

  3. I worded my comment badly yesterday and meant to say that I'd be thinking of delaying the holiday until things settle down, rather than never going to the U.S. ever again.

    There are indeed plenty of rational, friendly Americans, but there seem to be more and more wingnuts coming out of the woodwork these days. Earlier today I went at it with someone in a LiveJournal community who is convinced that the oil leak was deliberate and the first step of an attempt on Britain's part to take over the U.S. again. I was astonished at the number of people who jumped in to support him.

    Your trip is months away, though, and the loonies will surely have another bit in their teeth by then. Short on brain cells usually coincides with short attention span. If they're still at it, you can always adopt a fake accent for the duration of your holiday. Say that you're from Canada and they'll just ignore you. ;)