Sunday, June 13, 2010

R5's Thinking, Football = Increase In Listening Figures

I like a bit of football, a bit of football that is, and R5's current attempt to shoehorn a World Cup story into every other story is becoming very tiresome already. Witness poor Adam Gilchrist who despite taking over the Middlesex Captaincy (and with it the worst coloured strip shirt in cricket) and hammering an awesome century from just 47 deliveries in a T20 match, got to answer only one cricket related question before being asked what he thought England's chances were in the footy World Cup, bizarre.

(Adam Gilchrist in the Middlesex colours, they got a celebrity to design their kit, shame it was Stevie Wonder)

The other morning they broke into the normal programming to cross over live to something happening in Downing Street. The PM was in Afghanistan at the time so I thought it might have been some important war related announcement, but no, a St. George's cross was being raised over Number 10, a vapid and pointless 'news' story.

Even for those of us who like football, there can be too much of a good thing, and R5's saturation coverage of the World Cup is just that.

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