Monday, June 28, 2010

On This Day...

...The Feast of St. Peter's Eve is celebrated, folklore has it that witches and faeries abounded between Midsummer Eve on June 23rd and tonight. Midsummer celebrations have largely died out, but are still celebrated in Cornwall as Golowan and in parts of Scotland as Beltane.

" worship of St John the Baptist, men stay up at night and make three kinds of fires: one is of clean bones and no wood and is called a "bonnefyre"; another is of clean wood and no bones, and is called a wakefyre, because men stay awake by it all night; and the third is made of both bones and wood and is called, "St. John's fire" - John Mirk of Shropshire's Lilleshall Abbey, C.1400's.

The photo is a flying witch from the Carolina Fun Flyers, check out their website here.

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