Saturday, June 19, 2010

Never, In The Field Of Sporting Endeavour

Has a team of sportsman been so over hyped, so overpaid, and so totally lacking in backbone, talent and the basic technical skills of their chosen sport.

Except the last time we went to the World Cup of course.

"Nice to hear your own fans booing you," said Rooney. Well Wayne, you get paid a fortune because you are supposedly the cream of the crop of English players, those people in the stadium payed a fortune to travel to South Africa to watch you, I reckon they were displaying a fair and honest critique of England's performance.

Rumour has it that the Algerian team thought they were getting booed for not being able to beat the low quality team they were facing.


  1. And The Sun had the cheek to link this bunch of pathetic specimens to the call for strength by Churchill 70 years earlier. "Finest hour" indeed!

  2. They played that speech on R5 as well, it's just wrong to have those words applied to football. Churchill spoke knowing he was sending tens of thousands of young men to die, to kill other young men so that we could live freely.

    I do wish our broadcasters would grow up and not link sport and games and entertainment with war and bloodshed.