Sunday, June 13, 2010

FA Ruling 'Will Allow Vuvuzelas To English Stadia'

The FA have announced that as from the start of the 2010-11 season, the incredibly irritating South African plastic tat trumpets called Vuvuzela's will be allowed inside English football grounds.

To access the ground when carrying your vuvuzela you will have to perform a simple test. Bend over at the turnstile and if you can fit the entire length of your atmosphere ruining plastic toy up your rectum, then you are welcome to bring it in to the stand.


  1. Paddy4:45 pm

    given the ability of the FA to fit their heads up their arses it wouldn't surprise me.


  2. Bl**dy annoying things.... They are well on their way to ruining the whole tournament as ya cant hear the crowd, the players cant hear each other and several times on 5live ya cant hear the the commentary

  3. I turned the radio off this afternoon in the middle of the match, the constant droning of the horns is turning the tournament from a pleasure into a real hard grind to listen to.