Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yorkshiresoul's Rambling Quiz Series 7.5 Answers & League

1) What is the origin of half time in a game of football ? (1)

Many schools played a mixed game to the rules of football in one half, and rugby in the other, this to accomodate schools who played the different codes, the half time was to allow the changeover between the two sets of rules.

2) Which traditionally land based game is an island nation hoping to play above the water, and how ? (1)

The Maldives are hoping to construct a giant floating platfrom, to be built by Dutch Docklands International, which will hold a golf course on its upper decks.

3) Which country has unveiled a new economic policy of which the stated aim is to more than double the per capita income of that nation's citizens by 2020 ? (1)

Malaysia's New Economic Model

4) What is the name of this flag, and amongst national flags, what special status does it hold ? (2)

The Danish Dannebrog, the oldest national flag design still in use.

5) Who is this ? (1)

Sebastian Pinera, President of Argentina.

6) Who made a four hour speech in the House Of Commons in May 1789 that would lead to a worldwide shift in human rights ? (1)

William Wilberforce spoke on the abolition of slavery.

7) What is the name of this painting, and who painted it ? (1)

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushiko Hokusai.

8) This ship holds a notable place in world naval history, what is its name and what makes it notable ? (2)

La Gloire, the first ocean going ironclad, France 1859.

9) What is the name of this character, and which real life actor is he modelled on ? (2)

Wee Hughie from The Boys by Garth Ennis, he is based on the actor Simon Pegg, with Pegg's permission.

10) Name the artist whose tower will stand in front of the Olympic Stadium in London ? (1)

Anish Kapoor.

Week 5 Scores

Dave P 6
Tony G 6

Quiz 7 Leaders

Dave Podmore 38
Mr Moosehead 29
Tony Gott 28
Eleanor 18
Lyle 2

Sorry for the hge delay in getting this round done, chef left, the summer season began, the quiz tends to run like this I'm afraid.


  1. Never even saw it posted. :( was I on holiday?

  2. Yes you were mate, taking your extended break due to volcano.

  3. I'll try to write another round tonight.