Saturday, May 08, 2010

What Could Possibly Go Wrong ?

It was late in the evening, we had finished the dinner service and the staff were having a late dinner in the 19th bar. As Saskia dined, the spirit of mischievousness took me. I went outside and made a snowball, my plan was to throw the snowball over Saskia's head where it would hit the wall and shower her lightly with snow, ha ha, laughs all round right ?

The only drawback to my plan is the fact that I am such an awful shot. I stepped into the bar and loosed the missile, it described a lazy arc over the ale pumps and then, splat, and screaming. My carefully aimed projectile landed squarely in poor Saskia's dinner covering the unfortunate waitress in a sort of gravy and leeks in cheese sauce sleet.

I was horrified, poor Saskia thought I'd done it on purpose and was shocked, the other staff were either howling with laughter or staring in stupefied silence. Not my best moment.

What is it like working here, chef Robyn once said, in exasperated tones, "this is the only place I've worked where the staff have to tell the boss off for messing around."

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