Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Voters - We're Not Stupid

Although all the main parties would seem to think otherwise.

Cost cutting = people will get sacked. We understand this, no matter how much you have us think differently.

I work in the leisure industry, I need people to be in well paying employment so that they can afford luxuries like golf. We have had a couple of difficult trading years already, and I can't see that any of the main parties are offering any real hope for the short term.

I will be voting on Thursday, and despite my misgivings over the Lib Dems energy policy, I will be voting for Nader Fekri. I am not worried that a surge of support for the Lib Dems will result in a hung parliament, the Bundestag operates well without an overall majority, the German economy is in a better shape than ours.

I do not feel that Labour have achieved many of their stated aims during their 3 terms, especially in terms of the much vaunted "Education, education, education" rallying cry. Despite the fact that Labour claim that around 40% of UK students now go on to university, we still have one of the lowest rates across Europe for children continuing in education after the age of 16*.

Perhaps it really is time for a sea change in UK politics.

*Source - Population and Social Conditions, Lene Major, Eric Gere.

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  1. We've had a minority government here for a few years now and I like it. It has happened several times in the past, too, and those seem to be the times when a lot of good things happen for the country. It would be even better now if the main opposition party weren't in such disarray, but still, there's accountability and a check on the PM's natural tendency to be an arrogant bully, and that's always a good thing.