Friday, May 14, 2010

New vs. Nu

(photo - a total knobhead)

New Metal, which became Nu-Metal, aimed to break open a new style in rock music much as thrash metal had made the progression from minor sub-genre to mainstay.

New became Nu, and for a while it was all bright and shiny, metal mixed with rap, pounding beat crossovers and videos with big production values.

Then, suddenly, the entire rock world had an epiphany. Blokes who shouted a lot were not good singers, guitarists who could chug and blur but couldn't riff or solo were not good musicians, a dj was never a good idea in a metal band, and Fred Durst was a total knobhead.

In politics, the Labour Party mirrored events in the rock community. Labour became New Labour and veered first to the political right of the Liberals, and then to the right of the Tories.

For a while it was all bright and sparkly. Then, we followed George Bush into a series of hideous wars, and it became obvious that Tony Blair's long term plan was not "Education, education, education" after all, but was to divert all the money in the world into his own bank account.

And that's how it happened folks.

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