Saturday, May 01, 2010

It's Not The World Cup

Or so the ICC say, but as they also say that we must play a major international cricket tournament every year, it is really a world cup, just a bit cheapened by being played annually. Oh, and they've given it a different name, the ICC World 20-20, so that everyone knows it isn't the World Cup even if it's being played in the same format by the same teams. The world cup that is actually called the World Cup takes place in 9 months time in India.

In England's group, the Windies beat Ireland, in Group B New Zealand just beat Sri Lanka. In Group A both of the major sides, South Africa and India, should cruise to victory past Afghanistan. When captain Nowroz Mangal leads his side out to face India this afternoon it will be a high point in his nation's cricketing achievements.

Afghanistan have already beaten Ireland in a warm up 20-20 match, the team who they beat in the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier to gain their place in the main tournament, and they have posted impressive victories against other less well known cricketing nations (UAE, USA, Canada) in the past few months.

(Hamid Hassan)

Players to look out for, well Mangal himself is a decent batsman, but Hamid Hassan is the team's star all round player, and he has no doubts about where he wants to play in the future..."I hope our performance in the Caribbean catches the eye of some IPL team-owner."

Although this comment from Kabir Khan the team coach from when he met Hamid Karzai, the President of Afghanistan, shows that not everyone in that country is quite so clued up..." When I last saw him, he asked me to explain the BMW rule. I said that the first thing he needed to know was that it was called LBW."

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